The Wellness Initiative

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The Wellness Initiative was formed with one goal in mind, to provide an alternative wellness space for members of the community to learn, grow and heal. Here at The Wellness Initiative, our enthusiasts work both individually and collaboratively to provide a dynamic therapeutic experience to meet the needs of each person who walks in the door.


Conveniently located in Tucker Plaza, just a turn off of historic Route 66, The Wellness Initiative resides in suite 9 and is home to half a dozen holistic wellness enthusiasts and a growing number of female entrepreneurs.


But how is this 'wellness initiative' different?

Because you're a whole person, not just parts and symptoms


By definition, holistic means "the belief that parts of something are interconnected and can be explained only by reference to the whole." And aren't we just that, a whole? Our bodies include mental and emotional, physical and physiological, our beliefs, stories, experiences - everything! So why do we keep trying to view these parts of our bodies as separate things when they're so interconnected?

Because we saw a need and the lack of resources for it


Each of us entered our field of passion for a reason, because somewhere along the lines, we ourselves needed the information and healing. We realize not everyone has the time, resources or desire to take that same path, and that's why we want to be that supportive resource for you. Every one of our wellness enthusiasts provides a unique specialty that you won't find anywhere else in town. 

Because knowledge is empowering 


Our goal is to provide the resources and support you need to effectively implement change and remain autonomous! We will always love your visits, but our goal is to make you as self-sufficient as possible and confident in your ability to advocate for yourself and loved ones.