The Wellness Initiative


Providing collaborative wellness resources for mind-body health.



We love being able to collaborate and recommend beneficial resources and practices that align with our client's goals. We are aware of our individual limits, our zones of genius, and have a deep appreciation for a cooperative environment.


The Wellness Initiative is home to a half dozen holistic wellness enthusiasts that believe in an easily accessible, integrative approach to whole body wellness.  


Below are the types of services and resources that are provided in-person, online or by appointment only at The Wellness Initiative:


  • Physical Body Work: Yoga. Auricular Therapy. Natural Facials. Personal Training. Dance. Empowerment Photography.  
  • Mental & Emotional Wellbeing: Ayurveda. Nutrition Courses. Herbal Therapy. Energy Medicine. Mental Health & Wellness. Embracing ADHD. Emotional Wellness. Yoga Therapy. Bioenergetic Body Scans. Mind-Body Therapies. 
Mental Health & Wellness

Cognitive Mechanics * Exploration of Family Dynamics * Family Wellness Programs * Student-Centered Wellness Programs * Educational & Community * Empathetic & Effective Communication Strategies


Shannon is currently accepting new clients. An initial consultation will emphasize self reflection in the analysis of cultural, societal, mental, emotional and physical influences over a client's well-being; using empathetic and effective communication strategies, she will develop and support the implementation of family and student-centered wellness programs in individual, educational and community settings. If you are interested in these supportive services, call or text Shannon at 928-279-5226

Auricular Therapy & Energy Medicine Services

Emotional Wellness * Auricular Therapy (Ear Reflexology) * Bioenergetic Body Scans * Bioenergetic Lab Tests * Wellness Coaching * Basic Nutrition (Online) Course * Yoga Classes * Beyond Eating (Mind Body Eating Psychology) Course * Better Mobility Course * Individualized Exercise Programs 


Aubrey is currently accepting new clients for mind-body therapies and energy medicine. Whether you are feeling out of balance mentally, emotionally, physically or spiritually, she can provide tools and resources to help you find balance and harmony. If you are interested in a service please email

Herbal Therapy Services

Wet Dirt Skincare & Internal Health Line * Self Care Workshops * Lab Test Result Interpretations * Individualized Skincare & Internal Health Products


Alex currently keeps West of 3rd stocked up on all her Wet Dirt skincare and internal wellness products. With her goal of helping her community do their part in preserving not only their own health but the health of our shared home, she will be co-facilitating and assisting with The Wellness Initiative's next big internal-health program. 


Yoga Therapy Services

Stress Resilience Course * Mental Health in the Classroom * Cultivating Connections Course * Private Yoga Sessions * Online Yoga Classes * Dance Technique Classes * Dance Technique and Choreography Privates * Yoga Therapy 


Sandra is currently accepting new clients for yoga therapy sessions. You'll receive tools that will empower you to find a true sense of feeling at home within yourself and allow that to manifest into how you move throughout your daily life. In this approach, you can begin to walk a path of healing, transformation, and truly meaningful connections. If you are interested please email

Natural Facials

Rose is currently accepting new clients for (hair - at a different location) and skin. She loves to share what she's learned with her clients, whether that's how to best care for your hair, fun scientific facts, or teaching you about skin care and how to focus on natural products or even how to make your own products at home. If you are interested in all-natural, microdermabrasion facials or a hair appointment, text Rose at 928-377-7480

Empowerment Photography

Valerie is a busy mom who knows the stresses of every day life including not always feeling adequate, which is where her passion for boudoir photography and intimate portraiture stems from. EVERY woman deserves to feel pampered from time to time. Her fun-loving personality makes every woman feel like a friend, which makes the shoot feel much more relaxed. She will guide you through poses and be your number one supporter to ensure she captures you in the most flattering and elegant ways. If you are interested in booking a session, please email:

Embrace ADHD

Service list coming soon!


Sarah provides compassionate life coaching for folks living with ADHD.

Disclaimer: While we are not, and do not claim to be licensed professionals, we are highly educated and certified in many areas of wellness. In addition to collaborating internally, we know it's important to remain in contact with other health providers of which our client is under the care of, or who may be more qualified. We encourage all individual's who are under the care of any sort of health provider to continue that care, especially since our resources are not and do not claim to be diagnostic in nature or claim to prescribe, treat or cure existing conditions.